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Ensuring Compliance with Maximum Working Time and Rest Periods in the EU - Computer Screen and Hourglasses on Desk

Understanding the Maximum Average Working Time in the EU

The EU ensures employee well-being and work-life balance through legislation on working time. The Charter of Fundamental Rights guarantees fair conditions, including limits on hours, rest periods, and paid leave. The European Working Time Directive sets minimum standards, capping average weekly hours at 48. Accurate record-keeping is required for compliance. The European Pillar of Social Rights promotes a safe, healthy work environment.

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EU law

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

Although a young instrument, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union („the Charter “) forms a segment of a lasting system of protection of fundamental rights in the European legal order. Its adoption reflects a decisive moment where the EU took on a formal responsibility before its citizens: turning from an economic community into a Union based on rule of law and human rights.

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